This interesting and informative class will benefit both those just embarking on a career of massage and bodywork as well as seasoned practitioners.  Developing and enhancing your assessment skills will enable you to fine tune your sessions to meet your client’s specific needs.  You will be able to give clients quality information on their current state and also help direct them to other appropriate healthcare providers.  This will make you a more efficient, helpful and respected member of the health care team.

 Class Outcomes

The Student will demonstrate effective, efficient structural and energetic assessment techniques.

The Student will complete an Energetic and Physical Assessment of a fellow student or volunteer.

The Student will create a clear and concise document of their findings that can be easily understood and shared with other Healthcare Providers.

6 CEUs

Classes - Massage Therapy

Sam Sharp of Health Awareness Center offers the following classes:

  • Integrative Assesment Technique
  • Contemporary Western Massage
  • Structured Alignment Method Massage (S.A.M.M.)
  • Basic Manual Techniques for Pain Management
  • Basic Assessment Techniques for Massage and Bodywork Practitioners
Samuel P. Sharp is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider, Provider Number 173.

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At the Health Awareness Center, we use the term Bodywork for sessions where the goal is to relieve discomfort, increase range of motion or improve function.

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At the Health Awareness Center, we use the term massage for a session where the goal is simply relaxation. Massage should be a peaceful and comfortable experience.

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