At the Health Awareness Center, we use the term massage for a session where the goal is simply relaxation. Massage should be a peaceful and comfortable experience.

"Massage is better than a good tranquilizer and serves as a very helpful adjunct to other therapies."  Willibald Nager, M.D.
What massage can do for you...

Relieve Stress - The connection between disease and stress is well recognized. As the massage releases your stress, it is common to experience a profound sense of relaxation.

Decrease Pain - The increase in circulation and oxygenation of tissues associated with massage can help alleviate many types of discomfort, including joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporal manibular joint dysfuntion (TMJ) and headaches. By creating the relaxtion response, massage can help break the cycle of tension and pain. massage can also facilitate the release of beta endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

Speed Recovery - Massage can help to tone and strengthen weak muscles and soften and lengthen tight muscles and connection tissue in conditions ranging from those of the weekend warrior to surgical recovery and the management of chronic conditions.

Connect Body & Mind - One of the unique benefits of receiving massage is a heightened awareness of the body and an enhance sense of wholeness.


  • We ask that you report any discomfort such as room temperature or volume of music to your therapist.

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